Never worry about losing your USB drive again

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There has been so many stories in the papers of lost data and one of the main culprits is the handy USB drives. As prices dropped and capacities increased their use have become more wide spread. There convenience and size however is there downfall. In 2008 over 9,000 USB drives were found by dry cleaners alone. It’s horrifying how much private data had be compromised or lost because of these. Although you can encrypt these devices to secure the data from simple access it does not help with the actual loss of data. As technology changes we all believe it is infallible however we  USB drives can become corrupt no different to the CD/DVD or even pre-historic floppy disk.

One great option is Dropbox. It is an online storage that simply synchronises your data via the internet. You install a simple piece of software that creates a folder you can save your data in – a drop box. The other great reason to use it is you get two gigabytes free. That’s equivalent to 1,900 photos taken with a 5 mega pixel camera or 360 songs. Since using drop box I hardly ever use my USB drives anymore.

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