Is Android the new iphone?

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Wether you like it or not smart phones are here to stay. The Apple iphone was unvieled by Steve Jobs the Apple CEO on 9th January  2007. Since then the rest of the market has been trying to catch up. However unless you were on a  large monthly contract the iphone was an  expensive status symbol.

I could never justify spending nearly £400 on a phone let alone having something that valuable you carry around with you. For £400 you can get a very good home user laptop from Acer, Dell, HP or Toshiba. So recently I got a new smart phone  from Orange called the San Fransisco. This uses the Android operating system designed by Google. Now for less than a £100 pounds this phone has been a great learning curve. Although the camera is below par the rest of the phone is great. Wether it’s picking up my emails, browsing the web or using one of the many apps I can’t believe how powerful these hand held devices have become. So Android is the phones operating system and not the actual phone manufacturer.  The great thing is you are not locked into to using one manufacture like the iphone and Apple. Personally I am already looking forward to the next generation of phones from HTC and Samsung that will be running Android.


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